Dasha Koval Is September 2022 Student Of The Month

Congratulations to Zagaria Vocal Academy’s Student of the Month for September 2022, Dasha Koval!

Dasha Koval is September 2022 Student Of The Month at Zagaria Vocal Academy

Eight-year-old, Dasha Koval has been studying voice lessons regularly with Zagaria Academy’s principal, Jeffrey Zagaria since she was four years old.  Her vocal ability has improved greatly in her four years of study.  Dasha has developed her voice in many quantifiable ways.  After much training and practice, she can now sing in three octaves.  Furthermore, her vocal tone and projection have improved immensely.

Dasha has recorded her voice with Zagaria coaching and producing her recordings. She recorded several songs in three languages and created music videos as well. 

Dasha Koval is pictured working with Jeffrey Zagaria in her online lesson.
She has lessons online with Zagaria Vocal Academy on a weekly basis.

Dasha sings in several languages.  She has learned to perform songs in English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.  She performed the National Anthem in front of a crowd at the Pines Ice Arena, Pembroke Pines this past December of 2021.

Dasha Koval has recorded several songs in multiple languages with Zagaria Vocal Academy.
She also has created videos for those songs

Other diverse activities that Dasha enjoys include gymnastics, figure skating, dancing, and piano. She also excels in scholastics. Dasha is especially gifted in mathematics and works with an extra-curriculum math program as well.

Congratulations to Dasha Koval for her winning The September 2022, Zagaria Academy Student of the Month Award! We are so excited to announce and celebrate her achievements!

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ZVA Welcomes Sean O’Bryan Smith

ZVA extends a warm welcome to one of the world’s elite bassplayer/ composer/ author/ producers – Sean O’Bryan Smith.  Sean joins our ZVA family as an “Artist In Residence” serving our Boca Raton, Florida and online academy.  Sean is now engaging one on one consults through our academy.  Furthermore, he is performing master classes and music production at our studio.

Sean O'Bryan Smith (bass) with Wynonna Judd

ZVA’s Artist In Residence, Sean O’Bryan Smith performing with Country Music star Wynonna Judd. Wynonna has fourteen number one hits and a plethora of music awards.

O’Bryan Smith has toured, recorded, or performed with artists the likes of Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson, Larry Carlton, Wynonna Judd, George Clinton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Keith Urban. (We plan to have a complete list of his over one hundred famous artists Sean has worked with in another posting.) Furthermore, O’Bryan Smith is a charted jazz and award winning movie soundtrack composer.

Sean O'Bryan Smith and Smokey Robinson

ZVA’s artist in residence, Sean O’Bryan Smith (far right) working with Motown, R&B Music Legend – Smokey Robinson.

Sean O’Bryan Smith is from a musical family from Chattanooga Tennessee. His mom was a blues and jazz singer who worked with artists like Jack Teagarden. Sean’s uncle was an accomplished guitarist and sister is a private music teacher as well. O’Bryan Smith later found himself settling in Nashville Tennessee where he launched many of his projects. “Chairman of the Bass”, Sean O’Bryan Smith is now at ZVA’s Boca Raton Florida studio and online academy.  Sean is ready to serve our ZVA family with his session playing skills in the studio, expert advice/mentorship and production skills.


The late and wonderful Kenny Rogers performing with ZVA’s Chairman of the Bass, Sean O’Bryan Smith.

O’Bryan Smith is an expert in several musical categories. Not only is he one of the elite bassists in the world, he is an excellent multi-instrumentalist and author. Sean has several published works about the music business including a series published by Mel Bay as a contributing author contributing along with the likes of Gene Simmons, Nile Rodgers, and others.

Sean and Jeffrey Recording Sarah's Project 2

Sean O’Bryan Smith and Jeffrey Zagaria in ZVA’s record studio, recording a live take along with live bass, piano, drums and a ZVA student vocalist each in their own isolation rooms.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC

ZVA met Sean when academy friends, Blues Hall of Famer, Bobby Messano (Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham of Foreigner, MTV, Blues Brothers) and keyboardist Bob Malone (John Fogerty, Ringo Star Band) met in ZVA’s Big Room in Boca Raton the evening before a gig and needed rehearsal space. The band was hot! ZVA’s recording studio Big Room was treated to beautiful vibrations all evening long leading to a successful evening the following night for the big show.

Since those two magically musical days, several barbecue’s and vinyl listening parties, a home concert for friends, recording and video projects at ZVA, several studio visits, phone calls and a radio interview, Sean has agreed to become an artist in residence and serve the ZVA community.


Legendary country rock group, The Oak Ridge Boys with ZVA’s Sean O’Bryan Smith playing bass guitar.

We are always exited to see Sean working in our studio with his elite bass playing, vast musical skill set and good vibe – “get the job done right” character. It’s truly a pleasure and a blessing to welcome Sean to ZVA’s 20/21 All-Star Roster.

Sean Isac, Jeffrey Sarah's Video 1

From Left to Right: Jeffrey Zagaria (piano), Isac Jamba (Drums), and Sean O’Bryan Smith (Bass), joking between takes at a video recording session at ZVA Studios in Boca Raton, Florida. Some of ZVA’s student clients enjoy the use of the wonderful recording studio and the session work All-Star Artists like Sean and ZVA session friend, Isac Jamba.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC

Sean O’Bryan Smith’s Personal Discography



Quartet da Funk

For Groove and Mistletoe


The Composer Vol 1



Numerous singles

Bobby, Sean, Bob, Brad and Rehearsal 1

ZVA remembers that wonderful evening when meeting Bassman Sean O’Bryan Smith (Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson, Keith Urban) at ZVA’s Boca Raton studio pictured above. ZVA Guitarist Bobby Messano (Blues Hall of Fame, Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham of Foreigner, MTV, Blues Brothers) teamed up with Bob Malone (John Fogerty, Ringo Star) to practice before a South Florida concert at ZVA Studio’s Big Room.

Sean O’Bryan Smith is Endorsed by these excellent brands:

Rybski Basses


Shaw Audio

NS Design

Vintage Brand Guitars and Basses

Babicz Full Contact Hardware

Nordstrand Audio


Sean O'Bryan Smith with Larry Carlton at Grand Ole Opry

ZVA Bass Chairman and Artist In Residence, Sean O’Bryan Smith is pictured performing center stage with Jazz/Session Guitar Legend, Larry Carlton at the Grand Ole Opry.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC 






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ZVA’s All Star Roster 2020/2021 Season

After much anticipation, patience, and hard work we are so grateful to announce our incredible roster of professionals for 2020/2021. To our returning ZVA teachers and artists, welcome back! To our new teachers and artists, welcome to the ZVA Family!

And now, here’s is our 2020/2021 starting lineup…

Eric Velez (Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Latin All-Star)

– Latin Percussion including Congas, Bongos, Timbale, Hand Percussion.

Eric Velez with Congas

ZVA welcomes back Latin All-Star, Eric Velez (Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez) to our 20/21 academy roster. Eric has been a great asset to our community with his excellent presentations, private lessons, and recording studio session work.


Bobby Messano (Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham of Foreigner, Blues Hall Of Fame, Blues Brothers, MTV)

– Guitars, Music Director, Session Recording and Production

Bobby and Jeffrey at NAMM 2019

Pictured with Jeffrey Zagaria is Blues Hall Of Famer, Bobby Messano (Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham (Foreigner), MTV Theme Song, Blues Brothers). Bobby is back with the academy this year lining up another Master Class, private lessons, record sessions, as well as Music Production.


Sean O’Bryan Smith (Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson, Larry Carlton, George Clinton, Christian Movie Award winner, Charted Jazz Artist)

– Bass, Music Director, Session Recording and Production


ZVA extends a warm welcome to “Chairman of the board of Bass”, Sean O’Bryan Smith pictured with Smokey Robinson after a session. Sean is a charted jazzman, who’s played with countless famed artists including (Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, George Clinton, and too many to name here…) Sean is part of our A-Team for recording sessions as well as lending his skills as a music mentor. Smith has several awards for his movie soundtrack compositions.


Joe Cosas (Jon Anderson (YES), Robby Steinhardt (Kansas), John Blackwell (Prince), Worship leader)

–  Trombone, Piano/keyboards, Trumpet, Banjo, Producer, Music Director, Touring Musician


ZVA is exited to welcome multi-instrumentalist, Joe Cosas (Jon Anderson (YES) and many others) Joe plays a plethora of instruments. He’s our go to person for horns, piano/keys and banjo. Non only does Cosas play incredible piano and keyboards with many famed acts, he also leads worship in his church community.


Jeanie Bachrach (Speech Language Pathologist, Worship Leader, Home School Advocate)

– Special Education for Singers, Accent Reduction for English as a Second Language singers, Speech Pathologist.

Jean Bachrach

Welcome back to ZVA to Jeanie Bachrach! Jeanie began working with us almost ten years ago. She is a certified Speech Language Pathologist and has over 25 years of experience working with students of all ages including students with special needs in groups or 1:1. Special Needs students love to sing with Jeanie as their mentor. Jeanie is also an alma mater of ZVA and an experienced Worship Leader.


Jillienne Cherie Davis (Grade School Orchestra Director, Independent Faith Based Jazz Artist, Worship Leader)

– Voice, Strings including (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass), Piano, Guitar

Jillienne Cherie Davis photo

Jillienne Cherie Davis is back for ZVA’s 20/21 season! Jillienne is an expert teacher on strings including violin, viola, cello, double bass. She also is an excellent singer and pianist. She rounds off her multi instrumental abilities with guitar and bass. Mrs. Cherie-Davis has a few jazz worship records as well as being a seasoned worship leader.


Marco Greisi (Debbie Gibson, Independent Pop Artist, ZVA Alumni)

– Voice, Guitar in English, Portuguese, Spanish

Marco Griesi Chill SunGlasses

Brazilian born, Marco Griesi (Debbie Gibson, several pop record releases and ZVA Alumni) is back this season with ZVA! Marco is a mature artist having been playing since childhood. At a youthful age of 20 Griesi has already been a signed artist with 80’s pop star Debbie Gibson.

Jeffrey Zagaria (ZVA President, Boston Pops, Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, Author, Worship Leader, Radio Broadcaster, Homeschool and Special Education)

– Voice, Public speaking and broadcasting, Singing in foreign languages, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Music Director and Arranger, Audio/Mixing/Mastering Engineering, Entertainment Managment, Audio/Video Production, Electrical Engineer

ZVA's President - Jeffrey Zagaria

ZVA’s President Jeffrey Zagaria (Boston Pops, Celine Dion and many others) has been teaching groups and privately for 30 years. He is the author of “Know Your Voice” book and workbook, as well as an 8 video lesson program with the same title. Zagaria began the first online vocal academy over ten years ago. In 2015, Zagaria began to occupy industry famous, Elysian Record Studios in Boca Raton, where the Zagaria Vocal and Music Studio Family currently operates.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC

To our students and patrons, thank you!  You are the ZVA community.  We strive to continue to serve you, our community better and better each day.  Please celebrate with us, our Boca Raton, FL lesson academy and recording studio as well as our greater online academy for the 2020/2021 season.

Eric and Jeffrey MasterClass

ZVA’s Studio Big Room is ready for performing, recording and videoing. ZVA now boasts an A-Team for recording. Special events, touring band practices, open mics for students, and shows are part of everyday life at ZVA. Pictured is Jeffrey Zagaria and Eric Velez’s Master class on latin percussion.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC


“Know Your Voice” was written and produced by Jeffrey Zagaria. You can order today at our website: http://www.zagariavocalacademy.com

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC


“Know Your Voice” Lesson Book by Jeffrey Zagaria is available at http://www.zagariavocalacademy.com

For more information:

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC





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2020/2021 All Star Music Roster Announcement!

Zagaria Vocal Academy

Special Announcement April 9, 2020

ZVA has been preparing for several months for this special announcement!

Best Of Boca Raton 2020

Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC is the proud recipient of the Best Of Boca Raton, FL 2020. ZVA also has received The Best Of Boca Raton Award for 2019 and 2018.

 Amazing New Additions! The 2020/2021 roster to be announced Easter week of 2020. Next week we will be officially announcing our world class academy roster with all of it’s new and exiting additions to an already robust lineup.  Our world class roster includes teachers and artist’s in residence for private lessons, private consultations, master classes, performances, video and recording at our state of the art recording studio (formerly Elysian record studio in Boca Raton, Florida).

Furthermore, ZVA continues to be the forerunner and pioneer of online voice and music studies after ten plus years of online service.

Mary Koenig and Jeffrey Zagaria rehearsing for a recording.

Up and coming Singer/Songwriter, Mary Koenig is pictured working out details for her first original E.P. recording which was recorded, mixed and mastered at ZVA Music Studios. Check out Mary’s E.P. on Spotify.

2020-2021 Roster: Several world renown musicians are being added to our already robust roster. Our instructors and recording artists have an incredible list of experiences and expertise. Furthermore, we are adding more instrumental instruction and instrumental options. Double Bass, Cello, Viola, and Violin are now renewed options for study. We also anticipate reed instruments such as saxophone as well as trumpets. Furthermore, Jeffrey Zagaria continues to recruit excellent instructors and is currently working on recruiting a few more surprises this upcoming year.

2020-2021 Private coursework: Voice, vocal accent reduction, piano/keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, latin percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass, saxophone, trumpet, entertainment management, copyright/trademarking, music business, sound recording, songwriting, arranging, music theory, performance, mixing and mastering, editing and industry insider information.

Photo Jul 18, 3 08 48 PM

Students of all ages are welcome at ZVA for private study. Gracie has been taking piano lessons with Jeffrey Zagaria since the age of three. She has also won our “Student Of The Month” Award several times over the years.

2020-2021 Events: ZVA plans to continue our already popular “Open Mic Nights” for students, student and teacher performances, guest master classes, as well as special events to be announced.

bobbymessano copy

Blues Hall Of Famer, Bobby Messano gave an amazing Master Class in 2019. Bobby is back with the Academy but this time as a full time private teaching, recording, and music director! Bobby has been guitarist and Music Director for Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham (Foreigner), and played with countless other famous musicians.

2020-2021 Recording/Video: ZVA is blessed to currently occupy one of the best built studios in the U.S. ZVA’s recording studio is equipped for professional audio and video pre and post, as well as professional audio mixing and mastering, and video editing. Our A-Team, artist’s in residence are available for tracking or full ensemble recordings. ZVA’s recording studio is private and is not open to the general public. Inquiries, auditions, and special requests are on a case to case basis. Please call for more details.

Mary Recording EP

Boca Raton, Florida’s Mary Koenig recording her original music at ZVA recording studios in Boca Raton, FL.

2020-2021 An Instrument Rental Program: is currently under negotiation. We hope to be able to provide orchestral and other instruments by late spring of 2020.

Eric Velez 2

ZVA’s Latin Percussion chairman and Latin All-Star, Eric Velez is back for the 2020/2021 season! Pictured here is Eric performing with Jennifer Lopez. Eric is currently accepting new students.

A Partial List of Artists ZVA’s 2020-2021 Roster – has recorded, performed, worked or toured with.

Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, The Boston Pops, Richard Smallwood, Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, The Blues Brothers, Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham (Foreigner), Blues Hall Of Fame, Grammy Awards, Dove Awards, Oak Ridge Boys, Kenny Rogers, Keith Urban, Wynonna Judd, Smokey Robinson, Larry Carlton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jon Anderson (Yes), Grand Ole Opry, IMDb, James Brown, Gaither’s, The Spinners, Shadow’s Of Night, and MTV

Zagaria Music Sign

The Zagaria family name has been a name in the music educational and performance world for over 75 years beginning with Pasquale (Patsy) Zagaria in Metropolitan Boston. Pat’s son Jeffrey founded Zagaria Music almost 30 years ago originally in Metropolitan Boston and South Florida. Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC was founded when Jeffrey Zagaria pioneered his business in online education, founding the very first online music academy worldwide. Since then, ZVA has acquired an industry renown recording studio in Boca Raton, FL.


www.zagariamusic.com                                                                                                                         1-833-JZMUSIC









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Gracie de Mena is June 2018 Student of the Month

Photo Jul 31, 2 48 45 PM

Congratulations belong to Zagaria Vocal Academy’s June 2018 Student of the Month, Gracie de Mena.

Gracie de Mena has been taking piano lessons with Zagaria Vocal Academy since 2010. Gracie’s piano teacher, Jeffrey Zagaria set new goals in the 2017-2018 school calendar year for Gracie to improve her piano timing, phrasing, and sight reading.  Gracie improved in all of these categories week by week.  At the end of the recent school year she obtained all of the piano goals that were set at the beginning of the school year.

Photo Jul 18, 3 10 29 PM

Zagaria Vocal Academy always encourages it’s students to be well rounded in life.  Gracie de Mena exemplifies a well rounded education with a spirit of excellence.

For example, Gracie made honor roll all year for 5th grade and she scored all 5’s on her FSA Reading, Math and Science exams. She was the only student in her class to score a 5 for Science. She also takes tennis lessons and her hobbies are playing video games, drawing, reading and hanging out with friends. Most importantly, we find Gracie to be very polite, attentive, respectful, and willing to learn every class she takes.  Congratulations to Gracie and may she continue to succeed in all that she does.Photo Jul 18, 3 08 48 PM


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“Praise You Lord” Episode 83 – Ron and Bari’s Loving Testimony


ClayArtSong Circle_IMG_1747

Episode 83 of “Praise You Lord”, the underground, independent,  Christian radio show features host Jeffrey Zagaria welcoming seasoned Florida music duo, Ron and Bari Litschauer. Ron and Bari are a dedicated Folk and Christian music duo; they are also owners of the “Famous” Amp Shop & Music Parlor in West Palm Beach, Florida. In episode 83, Ron and Bari state that they believe that the “Amp Shop” is a work of God.  They state that they feel that God’s purpose is manifested daily through their business.

R&B2010-May-1-Gamble Rogers Folk Festival 345.jpg

During the interview, Ron and Bari shared one of their original songs, “He Will Guide You Home.” Bari explained that this song is a reminder for how important it is to be “in the world, but not of the world”.  The Litchauer’s also play and sing several other songs throughout the broadcast intermingled with an interesting backstory and a lot of laughs.


Ron and Bari have a passion for music, and have performed individually and as a duo throughout their life. They recently had the privilege of playing with Catholic, national touring, troubadour, George Lower as backing musicians in January 2018 at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in West Palm Beach, Florida for a four day healing mission.  Ron Litchauer and George Lower are teaming up to create a CD of live recorded music from this profound spiritual event which will be available soon.  Ron has a history of recording Lower’s earlier releases.  Ron Litchauer has been recording in his West Palm Beach studio since 1987.


Ron and Bari are members of Faith Presbyterian Church in Palm Springs, Florida, and have found great joy worshiping there under the guidance of their pastor, Bill Stepp. The Litchauer’s shared with us how truly blessed their life has been as a married couple of 39 years. They emphasized the blessing when one is married to someone who shares the same desire for constant spiritual growth with the Lord. Below, are links to Ron and Bari’s music store, church, and some of the major acts that they perform with.





Listen to the full interview to hear more about Ron and Bari’s Journey with the Lord:



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“Praise You Lord” Ep. 80 Interview with Season 3, “The Voice” Star, Rudy Parris


Bonafide country star, and contestant on season 3 of NBC’s The Voice, Rudy Parris interviews with Jeffrey Zagaria on the 80th episode of Praise You Lord, an underground independent Christian Radio program. Not only is Rudy is an extremely talented performer, but he also lives his life through Christ. Currently, Rudy lives in central California right in the San Joaquin valley, a sweet agricultural area.

Rudy parris2

His music expresses the agricultural life style he grew up in. Besides praising the Lord through music, Rudy takes pride in keeping the Bakersfield sound alive. Rudy has not only been on Blake Shelton’s team of season 3 on The Voice, but he has also worked with major country stars like, Buck Owens for 15 years, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and James Brown, just to name a few.

Rudy parris1

On this episode, Rudy talked about his experience on the voice, how the audition process was, some of his struggles along the way, and what it was like to actually be on the show! He also shared with us a song he wrote about how much his daughter blessed his life when he was in a time of trouble…. I don’t want to give too much away, so watch the full video interview at the top of this article.

Rudy parris3





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“Praise You Lord” Episode #64, Jeff Millar- Sax Shares His Touching Testimony

On episode #64 of “Praise You Lord,” Host, Jeffrey Zagaria had the honor of interviewing singer-songwriter, Jeff Millar-Sax. Seven years ago, Jeff’s wife Jeanene passed away from lung cancer. During her battle with cancer, Jeff and his wife experienced a struggle with the expenses of travel and hotel in order to get to the hospital which was over 100 miles away in heavy southern California traffic. These events inspired Jeff to write an album in which a portion of the proceeds go towards funding housing for cancer patients and their families to defray the expensive cost housing when traveling. He titled this album “Giving Shelter.” The story of the inspiration for the naming of his album is very exciting!

Screenshot 2018-06-22 13.50.13

“Giving Shelter” Album Cover

Jeff’s star-studded album includes musicians who have worked with famous artists like: Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones), Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Santana, Gloria Estefan, Boz Scaggs), Neil Stubenhaus (Barbara Streisand, Quincy Jones, Aerosmith, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Cher), Michael Landau (Seal, Michael Jackson, Boz Scaggs, Pink Floyd), Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Sheryl Crow, Frank Ocean, Jason Mraz), Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Seal, Paula Abdul), and John Jorgenson (Elton John, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Barbra Streisand), just to name a few. Jeff shared with us one of his songs which he wrote for his wife Jeanene who passed away from lung cancer called “Magic.”  He explained to us that when he writes music, he feels a divine spark inspired by the Lord, and that’s exactly how he felt with this song.

Screenshot 2018-06-29 11.28.55

At The Steakhouse Recording Studio
L-R: Ken Eisennagel, Lee Bench, Josh Eagan, Bernard Fowler
Seated: Jeff Millar-Sax

Watch the full video interview at the top of this article to hear the rest of Jeff’s inspiring story!

Below is a link to his website where you can purchase his album, as well as a link to his Facebook page. Support “Giving Shelter” and Jeff Millar-Sax’s charity.  If you do, we are sure you will be blessed!

Website: http://www.givingshelter.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GivingShelter/



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Eric Velez Hosts Two Master Classes at Zagaria Vocal Academy

Eric Velez 4

Eric Velez Playing With Marc Anthony On Tour

This past weekend on June 16th, 2018, Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC had the pleasure of welcoming percussion teaching maestro, Eric Velez to our studio for a very anticipated master class. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Eric, he has worked and toured with Latin superstar, Marc Anthony for 23 years as well as Jennifer Lopez for 6 years. Furthermore, he has recorded albums with Latin stars like Celia Cruz, Jose Alberto, Eddie Palmieri, Kid Panaram, and Jack Bruce just to name a few. Eric is a Toca signature artist and is also sponsored by Zildjian, Remo, and Vic Firth. His love for the art of Latin percussion was very apparent throughout the entire master class, as he explained the history, evolution, and different rhythms and techniques of each instrument.

Eric Velez 2

Eric Velez Playing With Jennifer Lopez On Tour

The classes took place in the privacy of ZVA’s very own multi million dollar studio in Boca Raton, FL. ZVA held two separate master classes, and each class had two sections, part a and part b. The second master class featured famous guitarist/producer Bruno Alvaranga of Sao Paolo, Brazil jamming several different stylistic improvisations on his acoustic and electric guitars while Eric Velez demonstrated an amazing percussion performance.

Eric Velez 5

Eric Velez With His Toca Signature Series Instruments

Zagaria Vocal Academy is also honored to announce that Eric Velez has agreed to teach exclusively for our academy in person as well as online.  Furthermore, Eric has agreed to record session work for hire in our state of the art recording studio.  We plan to have more master classes with Eric in the future.  If interested please contact our office.


Jeffrey Zagaria With Eric Velez


Not only does ZVA hold awesome master classes with Eric Velez, we offer music, voice, song writing, recording classes, management consults, and a full recording studio filled with the some of the areas best teachers and producers.  Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC is the worlds first online music and voice academy.  Three years ago, Jeffrey Zagaria opened the new studio location in the beautiful office park at the current 301 Yamato Road location. ZVA is available now both online and in studio at our new Boca location.  Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC has been a member of NAMM since 2014, and has been granted the “Best Of 2014, and 2015 awards”.

Eric Velez 6

Wonderful Shot Of Eric During A Live Performance

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“Praise You Lord” Episode 79- Bruno Alvaranga and Octavio Vieria

On episode #79 Bruno Alvaranga and Octavio Vieira were studio guests of host Jeffrey Zagaria.  Bruno Alvaranga is a famous guitarist/music producer from Sao Paolo State in Brazil who has produced over one hundred professional CD recordings.  Many of his recordings are of famous Brazilian Christian/catholic praise and worship bands.  Alvaranga also produces for three major TV broadcasts in Brazil.  Furthermore, his production skills have been responsible for the creation of over one hundred professional Brazilian movie trailers. Octavio Vieira is a charismatic prayer group leader at Saint Vincent Catholic Church of Margate Florida.  Currently Alvaranga and Vieira team up together with a host of other prayer group members on Monday evenings at their church for praise, worship, word, and prayer.  Listen in to this episode to hear testimony of these two Christian men who are prominent in the Brazilian and world community.  Bruno brought his guitar along and played live praise while Octavio praised along with his singing.  A very special episode from two special people who currently serve the Lord in South Florida.

Radio show ep79 19

Praise You Lord is a weekly radio broadcast that can be heard on WPBV 98.3 FM in the Palm Beaches of South Florida.  Visit http://www.wpbvradio.com to tune in to the live programs on Saturday’s 6:00 – 7:00 PM, or Sunday’s from 12:00 – 1:00 PM, 6:00 – 7:00 PM

Watch the full video interview at the top of this article!

Radio show ep79 21




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