About Us:
Zagaria Vocal Academy (ZVA) is a family business based in Boca Raton Florida.
ZVA focuses on providing a strong foundational education in the understanding
 of the voice, music, production, and the overall music business.
ZVA is the first and original online vocal and music academy.
ZVA also has a full recording and video studio.
Lessons are available in person at our studio or online.
ZVA Studios are owned and operated by Jeffrey Zagaria. The Zagaria family has a long tradition of musical performance and education services dating back to the late 1940‘s.
Jeffrey Zagaria provides his personal expertise through private in-studio,
and online lessons, exclusively with him.
Mr. Zagaria has coached and taught many of the best local talents, helping several to win record contracts and compete at the highest levels of popular TV shows,
The VOICE and American Idol.
All our ZVA teachers are well vetted and offer exceptional levels of quality teaching.
Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC is a NAMM member since 2011, recipient of Best of 2014 and Best of 2015.
In 2018, ZVA is featured as one of Miami’s “Hidden Jems” in Miami’s Voyage Magazine.  
Visit ZVA’s website for more info or call 1-833-JZMUSIC.

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