ZVA’s All Star Roster 2020/2021 Season

After much anticipation, patience, and hard work we are so grateful to announce our incredible roster of professionals for 2020/2021. To our returning ZVA teachers and artists, welcome back! To our new teachers and artists, welcome to the ZVA Family!

And now, here’s is our 2020/2021 starting lineup…

Eric Velez (Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Latin All-Star)

– Latin Percussion including Congas, Bongos, Timbale, Hand Percussion.

Eric Velez with Congas

ZVA welcomes back Latin All-Star, Eric Velez (Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez) to our 20/21 academy roster. Eric has been a great asset to our community with his excellent presentations, private lessons, and recording studio session work.


Bobby Messano (Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham of Foreigner, Blues Hall Of Fame, Blues Brothers, MTV)

– Guitars, Music Director, Session Recording and Production

Bobby and Jeffrey at NAMM 2019

Pictured with Jeffrey Zagaria is Blues Hall Of Famer, Bobby Messano (Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham (Foreigner), MTV Theme Song, Blues Brothers). Bobby is back with the academy this year lining up another Master Class, private lessons, record sessions, as well as Music Production.


Sean O’Bryan Smith (Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson, Larry Carlton, George Clinton, Christian Movie Award winner, Charted Jazz Artist)

– Bass, Music Director, Session Recording and Production


ZVA extends a warm welcome to “Chairman of the board of Bass”, Sean O’Bryan Smith pictured with Smokey Robinson after a session. Sean is a charted jazzman, who’s played with countless famed artists including (Smokey Robinson, Kenny Rogers, George Clinton, and too many to name here…) Sean is part of our A-Team for recording sessions as well as lending his skills as a music mentor. Smith has several awards for his movie soundtrack compositions.

Joe Cosas (Jon Anderson (YES), Robby Steinhardt (Kansas), John Blackwell (Prince), Worship leader)

–  Trombone, Piano/keyboards, Trumpet, Banjo, Producer, Music Director, Touring Musician


ZVA is exited to welcome multi-instrumentalist, Joe Cosas (Jon Anderson (YES) and many others) Joe plays a plethora of instruments. He’s our go to person for horns, piano/keys and banjo. Non only does Cosas play incredible piano and keyboards with many famed acts, he also leads worship in his church community.


Jeanie Bachrach (Speech Language Pathologist, Worship Leader, Home School Advocate)

– Special Education for Singers, Accent Reduction for English as a Second Language singers, Speech Pathologist.

Jean Bachrach

Welcome back to ZVA to Jeanie Bachrach! Jeanie began working with us almost ten years ago. She is a certified Speech Language Pathologist and has over 25 years of experience working with students of all ages including students with special needs in groups or 1:1. Special Needs students love to sing with Jeanie as their mentor. Jeanie is also an alma mater of ZVA and an experienced Worship Leader.


Jillienne Cherie Davis (Grade School Orchestra Director, Independent Faith Based Jazz Artist, Worship Leader)

– Voice, Strings including (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass), Piano, Guitar

Jillienne Cherie Davis photo

Jillienne Cherie Davis is back for ZVA’s 20/21 season! Jillienne is an expert teacher on strings including violin, viola, cello, double bass. She also is an excellent singer and pianist. She rounds off her multi instrumental abilities with guitar and bass. Mrs. Cherie-Davis has a few jazz worship records as well as being a seasoned worship leader.


Marco Greisi (Debbie Gibson, Independent Pop Artist, ZVA Alumni)

– Voice, Guitar in English, Portuguese, Spanish

Marco Griesi Chill SunGlasses

Brazilian born, Marco Griesi (Debbie Gibson, several pop record releases and ZVA Alumni) is back this season with ZVA! Marco is a mature artist having been playing since childhood. At a youthful age of 20 Griesi has already been a signed artist with 80’s pop star Debbie Gibson.

Jeffrey Zagaria (ZVA President, Boston Pops, Celine Dion, Reba McEntire, Author, Worship Leader, Radio Broadcaster, Homeschool and Special Education)

– Voice, Public speaking and broadcasting, Singing in foreign languages, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Music Director and Arranger, Audio/Mixing/Mastering Engineering, Entertainment Managment, Audio/Video Production, Electrical Engineer

ZVA's President - Jeffrey Zagaria

ZVA’s President Jeffrey Zagaria (Boston Pops, Celine Dion and many others) has been teaching groups and privately for 30 years. He is the author of “Know Your Voice” book and workbook, as well as an 8 video lesson program with the same title. Zagaria began the first online vocal academy over ten years ago. In 2015, Zagaria began to occupy industry famous, Elysian Record Studios in Boca Raton, where the Zagaria Vocal and Music Studio Family currently operates.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC

To our students and patrons, thank you!  You are the ZVA community.  We strive to continue to serve you, our community better and better each day.  Please celebrate with us, our Boca Raton, FL lesson academy and recording studio as well as our greater online academy for the 2020/2021 season.

Eric and Jeffrey MasterClass

ZVA’s Studio Big Room is ready for performing, recording and videoing. ZVA now boasts an A-Team for recording. Special events, touring band practices, open mics for students, and shows are part of everyday life at ZVA. Pictured is Jeffrey Zagaria and Eric Velez’s Master class on latin percussion.

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC


“Know Your Voice” was written and produced by Jeffrey Zagaria. You can order today at our website: http://www.zagariavocalacademy.com

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC


“Know Your Voice” Lesson Book by Jeffrey Zagaria is available at http://www.zagariavocalacademy.com

For more information:

Call 1-833-JZMUSIC





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