“Praise You Lord” Episode #64, Jeff Millar- Sax Shares His Touching Testimony

On episode #64 of “Praise You Lord,” Host, Jeffrey Zagaria had the honor of interviewing singer-songwriter, Jeff Millar-Sax. Seven years ago, Jeff’s wife Jeanene passed away from lung cancer. During her battle with cancer, Jeff and his wife experienced a struggle with the expenses of travel and hotel in order to get to the hospital which was over 100 miles away in heavy southern California traffic. These events inspired Jeff to write an album in which a portion of the proceeds go towards funding housing for cancer patients and their families to defray the expensive cost housing when traveling. He titled this album “Giving Shelter.” The story of the inspiration for the naming of his album is very exciting!

Screenshot 2018-06-22 13.50.13

“Giving Shelter” Album Cover

Jeff’s star-studded album includes musicians who have worked with famous artists like: Bernard Fowler (Rolling Stones), Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Santana, Gloria Estefan, Boz Scaggs), Neil Stubenhaus (Barbara Streisand, Quincy Jones, Aerosmith, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Cher), Michael Landau (Seal, Michael Jackson, Boz Scaggs, Pink Floyd), Jeff Babko (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Martin Short, Steve Martin, Sheryl Crow, Frank Ocean, Jason Mraz), Deron Johnson (Miles Davis, Seal, Paula Abdul), and John Jorgenson (Elton John, The Byrds, Bob Dylan, Bob Seger, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Barbra Streisand), just to name a few. Jeff shared with us one of his songs which he wrote for his wife Jeanene who passed away from lung cancer called “Magic.”  He explained to us that when he writes music, he feels a divine spark inspired by the Lord, and that’s exactly how he felt with this song.

Screenshot 2018-06-29 11.28.55

At The Steakhouse Recording Studio
L-R: Ken Eisennagel, Lee Bench, Josh Eagan, Bernard Fowler
Seated: Jeff Millar-Sax

Watch the full video interview at the top of this article to hear the rest of Jeff’s inspiring story!

Below is a link to his website where you can purchase his album, as well as a link to his Facebook page. Support “Giving Shelter” and Jeff Millar-Sax’s charity.  If you do, we are sure you will be blessed!

Website: http://www.givingshelter.net/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GivingShelter/



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