“Praise You Lord” Episode 83 – Ron and Bari’s Loving Testimony


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Episode 83 of “Praise You Lord”, the underground, independent,  Christian radio show features host Jeffrey Zagaria welcoming seasoned Florida music duo, Ron and Bari Litschauer. Ron and Bari are a dedicated Folk and Christian music duo; they are also owners of the “Famous” Amp Shop & Music Parlor in West Palm Beach, Florida. In episode 83, Ron and Bari state that they believe that the “Amp Shop” is a work of God.  They state that they feel that God’s purpose is manifested daily through their business.

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During the interview, Ron and Bari shared one of their original songs, “He Will Guide You Home.” Bari explained that this song is a reminder for how important it is to be “in the world, but not of the world”.  The Litchauer’s also play and sing several other songs throughout the broadcast intermingled with an interesting backstory and a lot of laughs.


Ron and Bari have a passion for music, and have performed individually and as a duo throughout their life. They recently had the privilege of playing with Catholic, national touring, troubadour, George Lower as backing musicians in January 2018 at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in West Palm Beach, Florida for a four day healing mission.  Ron Litchauer and George Lower are teaming up to create a CD of live recorded music from this profound spiritual event which will be available soon.  Ron has a history of recording Lower’s earlier releases.  Ron Litchauer has been recording in his West Palm Beach studio since 1987.


Ron and Bari are members of Faith Presbyterian Church in Palm Springs, Florida, and have found great joy worshiping there under the guidance of their pastor, Bill Stepp. The Litchauer’s shared with us how truly blessed their life has been as a married couple of 39 years. They emphasized the blessing when one is married to someone who shares the same desire for constant spiritual growth with the Lord. Below, are links to Ron and Bari’s music store, church, and some of the major acts that they perform with.





Listen to the full interview to hear more about Ron and Bari’s Journey with the Lord:



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