ZVA Welcomes Sean O’Bryan Smith

ZVA extends a warm welcome to one of the world’s elite bassplayer/ composer/ author/ producers – Sean O’Bryan Smith.  Sean joins our ZVA family as an “Artist In Residence” serving our Boca Raton, Florida and online academy.  Sean is now engaging one on one consults through our academy.  Furthermore, he is performing master classes and music production at our studio.

Sean O'Bryan Smith (bass) with Wynonna Judd

ZVA’s Artist In Residence, Sean O’Bryan Smith performing with Country Music star Wynonna Judd. Wynonna has fourteen number one hits and a plethora of music awards.

O’Bryan Smith has toured, recorded, or performed with artists the likes of Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson, Larry Carlton, Wynonna Judd, George Clinton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Keith Urban. (We plan to have a complete list of his over one hundred famous artists Sean has worked with in another posting.) Furthermore, O’Bryan Smith is a charted jazz and award winning movie soundtrack composer.

Sean O'Bryan Smith and Smokey Robinson

ZVA’s artist in residence, Sean O’Bryan Smith (far right) working with Motown, R&B Music Legend – Smokey Robinson.

Sean O’Bryan Smith is from a musical family from Chattanooga Tennessee. His mom was a blues and jazz singer who worked with artists like Jack Teagarden. Sean’s uncle was an accomplished guitarist and sister is a private music teacher as well. O’Bryan Smith later found himself settling in Nashville Tennessee where he launched many of his projects. “Chairman of the Bass”, Sean O’Bryan Smith is now at ZVA’s Boca Raton Florida studio and online academy.  Sean is ready to serve our ZVA family with his session playing skills in the studio, expert advice/mentorship and production skills.


The late and wonderful Kenny Rogers performing with ZVA’s Chairman of the Bass, Sean O’Bryan Smith.

O’Bryan Smith is an expert in several musical categories. Not only is he one of the elite bassists in the world, he is an excellent multi-instrumentalist and author. Sean has several published works about the music business including a series published by Mel Bay as a contributing author contributing along with the likes of Gene Simmons, Nile Rodgers, and others.

Sean and Jeffrey Recording Sarah's Project 2

Sean O’Bryan Smith and Jeffrey Zagaria in ZVA’s record studio, recording a live take along with live bass, piano, drums and a ZVA student vocalist each in their own isolation rooms.

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ZVA met Sean when academy friends, Blues Hall of Famer, Bobby Messano (Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham of Foreigner, MTV, Blues Brothers) and keyboardist Bob Malone (John Fogerty, Ringo Star Band) met in ZVA’s Big Room in Boca Raton the evening before a gig and needed rehearsal space. The band was hot! ZVA’s recording studio Big Room was treated to beautiful vibrations all evening long leading to a successful evening the following night for the big show.

Since those two magically musical days, several barbecue’s and vinyl listening parties, a home concert for friends, recording and video projects at ZVA, several studio visits, phone calls and a radio interview, Sean has agreed to become an artist in residence and serve the ZVA community.


Legendary country rock group, The Oak Ridge Boys with ZVA’s Sean O’Bryan Smith playing bass guitar.

We are always exited to see Sean working in our studio with his elite bass playing, vast musical skill set and good vibe – “get the job done right” character. It’s truly a pleasure and a blessing to welcome Sean to ZVA’s 20/21 All-Star Roster.

Sean Isac, Jeffrey Sarah's Video 1

From Left to Right: Jeffrey Zagaria (piano), Isac Jamba (Drums), and Sean O’Bryan Smith (Bass), joking between takes at a video recording session at ZVA Studios in Boca Raton, Florida. Some of ZVA’s student clients enjoy the use of the wonderful recording studio and the session work All-Star Artists like Sean and ZVA session friend, Isac Jamba.

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Sean O’Bryan Smith’s Personal Discography



Quartet da Funk

For Groove and Mistletoe


The Composer Vol 1



Numerous singles

Bobby, Sean, Bob, Brad and Rehearsal 1

ZVA remembers that wonderful evening when meeting Bassman Sean O’Bryan Smith (Kenny Rogers, Smokey Robinson, Keith Urban) at ZVA’s Boca Raton studio pictured above. ZVA Guitarist Bobby Messano (Blues Hall of Fame, Stevie Winwood, Lou Graham of Foreigner, MTV, Blues Brothers) teamed up with Bob Malone (John Fogerty, Ringo Star) to practice before a South Florida concert at ZVA Studio’s Big Room.

Sean O’Bryan Smith is Endorsed by these excellent brands:

Rybski Basses


Shaw Audio

NS Design

Vintage Brand Guitars and Basses

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Nordstrand Audio


Sean O'Bryan Smith with Larry Carlton at Grand Ole Opry

ZVA Bass Chairman and Artist In Residence, Sean O’Bryan Smith is pictured performing center stage with Jazz/Session Guitar Legend, Larry Carlton at the Grand Ole Opry.

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