Dasha Koval Is September 2022 Student Of The Month

Congratulations to Zagaria Vocal Academy’s Student of the Month for September 2022, Dasha Koval!

Dasha Koval is September 2022 Student Of The Month at Zagaria Vocal Academy

Eight-year-old, Dasha Koval has been studying voice lessons regularly with Zagaria Academy’s principal, Jeffrey Zagaria since she was four years old.  Her vocal ability has improved greatly in her four years of study.  Dasha has developed her voice in many quantifiable ways.  After much training and practice, she can now sing in three octaves.  Furthermore, her vocal tone and projection have improved immensely.

Dasha has recorded her voice with Zagaria coaching and producing her recordings. She recorded several songs in three languages and created music videos as well. 

Dasha Koval is pictured working with Jeffrey Zagaria in her online lesson.
She has lessons online with Zagaria Vocal Academy on a weekly basis.

Dasha sings in several languages.  She has learned to perform songs in English, Russian, Italian, and Spanish.  She performed the National Anthem in front of a crowd at the Pines Ice Arena, Pembroke Pines this past December of 2021.

Dasha Koval has recorded several songs in multiple languages with Zagaria Vocal Academy.
She also has created videos for those songs

Other diverse activities that Dasha enjoys include gymnastics, figure skating, dancing, and piano. She also excels in scholastics. Dasha is especially gifted in mathematics and works with an extra-curriculum math program as well.

Congratulations to Dasha Koval for her winning The September 2022, Zagaria Academy Student of the Month Award! We are so excited to announce and celebrate her achievements!

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