Ryan Burgess is Zagaria Vocal Academy’s Student Of The Month for March 2016.

Zagaria Vocal Academy L.L.C is proud to announce the Student Of The Month Award for March 2016 recipient, Ryan Burgess.  Ryan began studying voice at the end of December 2015.  In only a three month span Ryan has improved his singing technique in an extraordinary way.  I believe Ryan’s rapid success is due directly to his high musical IQ, class attentiveness, ability to retain information taught in his weekly class, and dedication to practice the new information daily.  Ryan began his lessons with a very robust two octave range.  Two weeks ago Ryan had a nine note increase in range.  Last week he gained another two notes for a total of 11 more notes that he can now negotiate with good technique.  This week Ryan added a note to his chest voice giving him an impressive three octave range.


Ryan Burgess, ZVA’s Student of the Month, March 2016

Furthermore, Ryan’s breathing technique has greatly improved.  His tone has also developed considerably into a richer and more evenly distributed frequency response over his range.  Burgess is also improving intonation in his singing.  He is really beginning to gain consistency in his pitch while singing as well.

Ryan is from Boca Raton, FL.  He is in tenth grade and boasts an excellent GPA considering he gets mostly A’s and B’s.  He comes into my studio for lessons most weeks, while other’s he Skype’s in during his class time.  Ryan has been singing in his school choir since sixth grade and loves singing.  He has also participated in school band and school plays.  In Burgess’s own words, “Some of the activities I love to do now are song writing, singing and creating music. I hope to become a singer in the future and to change the world with my music. I would love to grow in my voice and improve as time goes on.”


Ryan Burgess has gained an octave in his vocal range.

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