Joey Calderaio is ZVA’s Artist Of The Month

Joey Caldeiro 2

ZVA’s Artist Of The Month – Joey Calderaio

Joey Calderaio and I met back in the Fall of 2015 through Skype voice lessons when he began taking lessons through Zagaria Vocal Academy’s online program.  We have worked together since then on a weekly basis through Skype. I have chosen him to the first in our “Artist Profile” Series.

Calderaio is a professional vocalist from Palm Beach County, Florida.  Based out of Jupiter Florida, Calderaio is the lead vocalist for Jahzilla, a six piece band.  He also heads up acoustic acts with some of his Jahzilla bandmates.  The group plays music genres including top 40’s, classic rock, funk, and reggae.  Jahzilla incorporates vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, bass guitar, keyboards, drums, saxophone, and flute, creating a sound that is not only full, but dynamic and diverse.

Jahzilla frequently performs throughout South Florida at venues such as Harbourside Amphitheater, Hard Rock Casino, Seminole Casino, JB’s By The Beach in Deerfield, private parties & events, weddings, and more.

Joey Caldeiro 3

Joey Calderaio is the lead singer of Jahzilla

Joey Calderaio is also working on an original music project.  We look forward to hearing his new recordings soon.

I find Joey to be a promising up and coming artist.  In a short time his already impressive range has expanded seven more notes.  His vocal control is much improved and he is now able to perform four hour gigs without vocal strain.

I highly recommend checking out Joey Calderaio in any group or project he is involved with.  You won’t be sorry you did.

Joey Caldeiro can be contacted through this Facebook link:

Joey Caldeiro 1

Joey Calderaio playing a South Florida event.

This article was written by Jeffrey Zagaria.








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