Shawn Malaney receives ZVA’s Student Of the Month Award, (Pro Singer of 50 Years Regains His Voice! Performs Friday With “The Earl Trio” at “Pompano Under The Stars”, Pompano Beach, FL)

Shawn Malaney of South Florida has officially accepted Zagaria Vocal Academy’s, “Student Of the Month” award for July 2015.  ZVA is proud to present the award due to the remarkable improvement of Shawn’s vocal performance ability after losing his voice.

Shawn Malaney

Shawn Malaney: Professional vocalist who recently regained his voice through vocal coaching and therapy wins monthly award and performs this Friday night with The Earl Trio at “Pompano Under The Stars”, Pompano Beach, FL

After fifty years of professional and semi-professional singing, Malaney lost his singing voice due to both vocal strain and a long bout with Sinusitis.  Shawn came to ZVA for vocal therapy to help him restore his voice.  Malaney’s voice came back strong, after several weekly lessons and the help of Zagaria’s book and video tutorials.  In Malaney’s words, “Earlier this year I basically “lost” my singing voice due to 4-5 months of Sinusitis, and vocal strain.”  – quote from Shawn Malaney’s post on the “Know Your Voice”, Video tutorial Lessons on demand page,

Shawn came to ZVA with the hopes of healing and strengthening his voice to perform summer concerts that he and his band had committed to, as well as in the hopes that he could continue to sing professionally for many years.  We at the ZVA are extremely proud of his accomplishment and are grateful that his voice is both healthy and robust in professional tone.

Malaney is a talented lead vocalist and lead guitarist.  He headlines the classic rock band, Malaney concert“The Earl Trio”.  Malaney also performs professional as a soloist and is diversely trained both in opera/classical as well as popular singing.  “Music Under The Stars” is presented by “Vista Motor Company” and is a free concert this Friday evening at 7:00 on the Pompano Beach Great Lawn.  Get there early, the event is known to attract approximately six hundred people.  A concert event promo is included in this article below and to the right for further details.

Congratulations to Shawn.  Please consider the Pompano outdoor free concert this Friday  I personally plan to be at the show Friday night with my lawn chair!

You can also find information about Shawn Malaney and The Earl Trio in the links below.

Shawn Malaney’s Personal Info:
FB Page:

Shawn Malaney’s Band Sites:

Malaney concert

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