Announcing Youtube Release “Know Your Voice” Vid Lesson 1

4 hours 34 minutes

Would you like to sing better and healthier? Would you like to increase your voices range? Enrich your tone? Improve your vocal flexibility? Develop your vocal coordination? Increase your vocal power? Enhance KYV_Video_8disks_kit_Ad_smallyour singing dynamics? Grow your vocal endurance? Maintain good vocal health?

“Know Your Voice” is a teaching resource that addresses these and many other singers questions.

Most people learn to sing by imitation only. Most singers have never learned to develop their own natural voice and tone. Many vocal teachers teach how to imitate famous singers. The fact is top music producers and Record Labels know that the listening public are not looking for imitations, they are looking for uniqueness. If you want to be a great singer, your own natural voice is your greatest asset. “Know Your Voice” helps a person find, develop and maintain, their own natural tone to it’s fullest potential. The objective of “Know Your Voice” is immediate improvement of your voice, as well as a lifetime of vocal excellence, health, and uniqueness.

“Know Your Voice” Video Lesson 1 helps you to understand how to develop your natural voice. Lesson 1 is the first of a video tutorial system, that compliments a lesson book, work book, and exercise videos by voice teacher – Jeffrey Zagaria. Know Your Voice video snapshot.Click on this link to watch for free.

“Know Your Voice” – Lesson 1 contains these topics:

1. Vocalization
2. Singing
3. Uncontrolled Tension
4. Italian Vowel A
5. Pitch and tone.
6. Relaxation techniques
7. Vocal therapy
8. How to practice
9. Chest Voice
10. Head Voice
11. A 20 minute vocal exercise routine described and demonstrated.

Jeffrey Zagaria has been teaching voice and instruments for over 20 years, performed with Celine Dion, Reba McEntire,  Boston Pops Orchestra, Gospel’s Richard Smallwood, taught several signed clients, as well as several Grammy Award wining music and video producer’s clients.  Jeffrey is available and can be reached online at

Please reach out to us.  We would love to help you find your own natural tone!
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“Know Your Voice” – Zagaria Vocal Method, The Foundation: is an online lesson and exercise tutorial resource provided by the Zagaria Vocal Academy LLC. For more information contact

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