Singing and Vocalizing – The Difference

ZVM New Logo SINGING AND VOCALIZING From “KNOW YOUR VOICE– LEVEL 1A” By Jeffrey Zagaria Two definitions that are essential to comprehending beginning levels of vocal study are Singing and Vocalizing. The act of Singing specifically refers to the act of performing a song to the best of our ability. When we sing in our vocal studies, our objective is purely a performance one. When singing we must hit our pitch and sing with precise timing, diction, tone, volume, dynamics – performing both expressively and artistically.

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Vocalizing is different. Vocalizing is the practice of vocal specific exercises designed to improve one’s voice. Athletes lift weights, stretch, and practice drills that are designed to improve their ability in their respective sport. Similarly, vocalists use vocal exercises to improve skills such as strength, muscular coordination, flexibility, and vocal stamina. This book will teach you vocal exercises and insights that will help you improve your vocal athleticism. It will also provide you with therapeutic exercises which will teach you methods of maintaining good vocal health throughout your lifetime. As your vocal athleticism improves, your performances will improve. Often students make the error of Singing their vocal exercises and Vocalizing the songs that they are working on. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand and remember the difference between the two terms. For the best results I recommend the practice of vocalizing and singing separately. Allow yourself to make mistakes while vocalizing. If you are vocalizing properly you will be making unusual sounds. Remember, you are not performing. You are exercising and stretching muscles. Vocalizing is not designed to sound beautiful. I recommend working your voice out in a private setting. Resist the temptation to perform while exercising. zvalearn Most of my students are surprised when after one lesson of vocalizing they hear immediate results in their vocal abilities as performers. My objective in writing this book is to share with you the vocalizing tools that I use to improve my clients abilities. It is always my intention to help a client improve as quickly as possible. I am confident that with proper vocalizing, you will achieve great improvement in your vocal performance. If you are interested in working on specific singing and performance goals, you can reach us at and schedule a consultation. * This article is page four of my book which is available for purchase: Video and Audio Lessons and Exercises are available at our site for purchase as well: KYV_Video_8disks_kit_Ad_small

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